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4 things keeping you from progress

We’ve all been there. 

Thursday arrives with an unexpected social event. A small slice of birthday cake quickly leads to “fu** it” and you find yourself washing it down with a bottle of wine.

You swear the next week will be different, but your do-over turns into an order of poutine, a charcuterie board, another bottle of wine, and a late-night donut run. Ugh.

How’d that innocent slice of cake get you so off track?! Well, there are four likely reasons why.

4 Things Keeping You From Progress

1. You think perfect is the answer.

But, in actuality, progress is what you’re after. No one is perfect. You're chasing the impossible. And because of that, you keep tripping up. And, even when slipping up is a part of the journey you beat yourself up for it because you didn’t nail it 100%.

It's time to be happy with being better than yesterday and learn from the slip ups. 

We're all just human.

2. You want what you can’t have.

Stop it with all the restriction. Instead, focus on macro-balanced meals, portion control, mindful eating, and high-quality nutrient dense foods. You’ll soon find all that binging and cheating is a thing of the past. 

3. You don’t work on your mindset.

Your thoughts become words, your words become actions, and your actions become (or don’t become) your results. Get a hold of your thoughts and the rest builds itself on top of a strong foundation.

4. You have solid goals, but crappy (or no) systems.

Powerful reasons are essential. But, there’s no chance at sustainable success unless you can follow up with accountability, routine, a shift in habit, cues, alarms, environment changes… all to support your follow through.

Next time you’re faced with an unexpected piece of cake, or anything life throws your way, tap into one of these strategies:

  • Take a pause (think bathroom or fresh air).
  • Order a sparkling beverage (think kombucha or Bubly) and get hydrated.
  • Eat a meal filled with lean protein and plenty of colourful veggies.
  • Write down your goals (phone or sticky note) and reflect on them often.
  • Move your body. Dance it out, walk it out, bust out some jumping jacks. Just move your damn body –­ your brain needs a shake up!

Need systems to help with your success? Our 7-Days to Macros Mini Course is filled with easy-to-digest strategies for success. 

You’ll learn how to let go of restriction, how to make macro-balanced meals, and how to target the right amount of carbs, fat, and protein out of nutrient-dense foods. All to help you reach your healthy living goals. And all on your timeline.

So, are you ready to end the year strong AF?

Forking right you are!

It’s time to enjoy the cake and carry on…






{Photo credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash}

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