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How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

Got any New Year resolutions??!


Most of us start out engines revving and full of good intentions. Then reality sets in and, before you know it, you've given up half-way through January. It happens.


Luckily, there are great tools that'll help you keep the momentum well into spring and beyond.


7 Tools to Help You Crush Your Resolutions This Year


A planning system.

Get yourself a white board for the fridge and start scheduling a 5-minute sit down every single Sunday to commit to planning two dinners a head of time. Once you consistently follow through with those, add more meals and build from there.


A bedtime routine.

Get consistent with your bedtime AND routine. And stick to it.

Sleep is critical for stress management, nutrition choices, movement motivation, and basically every dang goal out there.


Adequate clothing.

The weather is no excuse. Get prepared with the clothing you need to get outside and move more often. 

Head to your local thrift store, log onto, or pop into your local outdoor store and grab yourself some thermals, a fleece, a shell, warm pants, and sturdy winter walking boots. With the right clothing you won’t have an excuse to not get outside.


A health journal.

Get yourself an inspiring journal and a nice pen to help keep track of your health. 

Leave it out in the open where you see it and commit to regularly taking notes about your water intake, how you feel, hormones, activity, mindset etc. Be honest with yourself (it's just for you) and be sure to flip back and review your notes for solid affirmation that you're right where you want to be.


An accountability buddy.

Share your healthy goals with an accountability buddy. This can anyone, just make sure it's someone that'll call you out on your BS. Sending those resolutions out into the universe and having someone to talk about them with is a great way to stay true to your goals and stay on track.

If you need more, check out our free Facebook group or join our not so basic online membership. Both have empowering communities where real women share real struggles and real results.


A new water bottle.

You're not going to drink enough water if you don’t have a bottle you want to carry around. Treat yourself to a new glass or stainless steel water bottle (because plastic sucks on every level). Then fill it up every morning. Sip often. Refill. And repeat.



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